Project Silver Snake

HM 1101

     We at 301Customs are putting together a 1965 AC Cobra replica from Hurricane Motors. Below you will see an overview of what we will be adding to this car and some links that will show you, as best as possible, step-by-step the process we went through to build this car.

     We are going to try to follow the build site template setup by a the builder of a beautiful '69 Camaro called Quick Silver. He had a great template for showing how things were done so we figured we would follow that. Check out his website at, it is a great site.

This car will be equiped with the following:
  1. 351 Windsor motor running around 400+HP and 400+fpt. (Hopefuly)
  2. IFS and 9" Solid rear suspension.
  3. Customize the interior with stereo and special switches and guages.
  4. Velocity Stack fuel injection intake manifold.
  5. Push to start ignition.
  6. Will add an air-jack system, should time and money permit.
  7. Will add a flip down front license plate holder, should state law require a front plate.
  8. Looking at 17x11" wheels in the rear and 17x9" for the front, both having a 4" backspace.
  9. Tires will be 315/35/R17 for the Rear and 275/40/R17 for the front.
  10. More to be added as we come up with ideas...

1) The first order of business is building the engine. Engine Build

2) Delivery day. A happy day in February. Delivery Day!

3) Finally, chassis is paintied and ready for assembly. Chassis Painted

4) Front and rear suspension finally done...mostly. Suspension Finished

5) It's a roller. Finally got the wheels sorted out. Roller!

Useful Links and References

2007 - Dave Casson

Ford, Cobra, Shelby and Hurricane Motorsports are registered trademarks.
I'm not associated with these trademark holders in any way. I am not a mechanic nor do I play one on TV.  I just enjoy working on this car as a hobby and make no claims that if you follow the information on my website that you will be safe or successful in your build. I am not responsible for you doing something stupid and getting hurt while working on your car.  Even if I managed to do it first.   Let your conscious be your guide and use your own judgment before you incorporate any of the information I have displayed on this website into your cobra car.
Credit to Ryan Cassidy for this notation - I think it says it all and correctly.

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