Project Silver Snake

Links and Reference Files

     Below you will find a list of, hopefully, useful links. These will be locations with useful tips or websites for the vendors of the parts used in this build. If you don't see a link to what your looking for, let me know and I will be happy to add it, if possible. Special thanks to Ryan Cassidy. His Cobra build website is a nice little treasure trove of information.

  1. Stripes layout and measurements. Click here!
  2. Project Build Tracking software.Click here
  3. Hurrican Motorsports Forum.Click here
  4. FFR Plans for Body Buck. Click here!
  5. Plans for Hurricane Body Buck by Paul Proefrock. Click here!
  6. Oil Filter Study! Interesting findings! Click here!
  7. Side-by-Side Cobra profile comparison. Click here!
  8. Other Cobra Build Sites. Click here!
  9. Cobra Colors and Ideas. Click here!
  10. Hurricane Cobra "UnOfficial" Registry. Click here!
  11. Dolly schematics for Hurricane chassis by D_Cook. Click here!
  12. Links to vendors used for this build. Click here!
  13. Compare body styles of various Cobra builders. Click here!
  14. Capital Area Cobra Club. Click here!

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Credit to Ryan Cassidy for this notation - I think it says it all and correctly.