Delivery Day

     Well it turned out to be a banner day on February 15, 2008. The weather cooperated and I received delivery of HM1101. I must say that Doug, of Rich's Classic Transport did an AWESOME job. Who would have known you could fit a full sized semi down into my little neighborhood.

    After shoe-horning the truck into the narrow street we began to unload the car.

     Here are a couple of photos of the truck. You can see how big it is. You can also see my new baby peeking out from inside the truck.


     Here are a couple of pictures of the new addition to our family. The last picture is her in her new home. I know it looks a littel cramped. What you cannot see is the 1966 Convertible Mustang on the left taking up half the garage. There is actually a lot more room to work than it seems.


*NOTE:  I opted to keep the dolly that the car was delivered on. If you don't buy the one it came with I recommend you build your own. You can retrieve the ZIP file containing pictures, created by D_Cook, of the Dolly build on the Useful Links and References page.

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