Chassis Painted

     Was hoping to have this done sooner, but due to family issues and illnesses I was unable to work on the car as much as I wanted and it turned out that painting the chassis took a lot longer than I had wanted. But, we finally finished it so I can now start assembly.

     Here are some photos of the chassis. Having never painted a chassis before i figured the first time around I would do it myself. Was considering powder coating the chassis but opted to use POR15 instead. That way if any damage or chipping occurs I can go back and touch the spot up without having to completly re-doing the entire chassis. Might consider powder caoting next time though.


     Now that the entire chassis is painted I can finally start assembly. Been looking forward to this. It was fun painting the chassis and marning the windsheild mounting hole, but for future builds I think I will get this done at the factory, to save time.

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