Engine Build

     Had some photos of the engine before cleanup in hopes of showing you before and after however our house was robbed and the digital camera that the pictures were on was taken. So, we will only be able to show you after the engine and heads were cleaned and painted.

    After getting the engine cleaned by a machine shop there are some tasks you might want the machine shop to do for you as it usually requires some special tool to complete and a bit of experience. If you have never rebuilt an engine from the ground up, this will save you time and, in the long run, money as you will not have to replace the parts you break when it is done incorrectly.

    To be done by Machine Shop:

  1. Have the CAM Bearings installed.
  2. Freeze plugs and galley plugs.
  3. Rebuild heads (if reusing originals after cleaning).
  4. Mount cylinders on rods. Again, unless already done.
  5. Check crank for damage (unless new).

     Here are some photos of the engine and heads painted. Having never painted an engine before I taped off everything I could think of. I painted the main block and heads. For the heads I used engine paint in a rattle can from Eastwood Co. Not my first choice however there was very little to paint, area wise.


     For the engine block itself I used POR-15. They have a nice little kit for painting engines that works really well. I taped off everything I thought needed an went to town. POR-15 actaully brushes on which makes touch-ups later a real breeze.


     With the touch up done we can finally start engine assembly. We bought a complete rebuild kit and crank shaft so, except for the block and heads, this will be a pretty much new engine. Here is a pic of the TWM EFI velocity stack intake system that I plan to install on the engine.

*NOTE:  A tip on painting the engine. If, like this build, you are going to use new parts, re-attach the old parts (without gaskets) like the valve covers, oil pan, oil filter, and intake manifold. Then painting the engine and heads is a breeze as most of the area you do NOT want to paint is now protected.

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